Friday, September 20, 2013

"Art attack at Durbar hall gallery"

"Art attack at Durbar hall gallery"
Times of India report dated 20th Sept. 2013.
Madhyamam Daily report dated 19th Sept. 2013 

Mr. KA Francis, The Chairman of Kerala Lalitha kala Academy visiting the "Image /carnage" Exhibition on 20th Sept 2013.
Dr. Ajay Sekher, Academy Chairman KA Francis and Chithrakaran Murali T

Mr. KK Koch
Mr. Sudhesh and Dr. Ajay Sekher
Dr. Ajay Sekher, Mr. Sudhesh, and Sudhesh's daughter Kavery
Chithrakaran, Kavery, Ajay sekher and Sudhesh
Mangalam report dated 20th Sept 2013.
Mr. Kannan Meloth ('idaneram' blog)

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